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Dyuti Ganesh

Dyuti Ganesh


Clinical Intern

I have worked in clinical settings since 2019, including an intensive outpatient program, an adolescent and young adult DBT program, and private practice working with children, adolescents, and young adults. I am a calm and collaborative therapist who meets clients where they are. I believe our identities and our therapeutic relationship is more important than clinical jargon when it comes to facilitating change and insight. I work frequently with BIPOC, South Asian-American, immigrant, and first-generation youth and young adults.

I have trained broadly across CBT, DBT and psychodynamic interventions which allows me to offer both skill-based and insight-based therapy for individuals navigating a number of clinical or personal concerns. Challenges I work with commonly include family-of-origin conflict and trauma, self-esteem and self-worth issues, adult child processing childhood trauma/conflict with parents, first-generation immigrant concerns and mood disorders.

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