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Psychological Assessment

Lucid Clinical Services offers a range of psychological evaluation and psychological testing services, designed to assist you in achieving greater insight into yourself, obtain accurate diagnosis, obtain specific services and resources, and to inform psychological treatment. The cost of Psychological Evaluation and Psychological Testing ranges based on how long the process takes to complete and how many tests are involved in the assessment. 

Our rates for psychological assessment are $250 per hour. The time required to conduct an assessment and develop the formal report can range from a few to several hours. We are committed to providing accessible testing and offer payment plans, insurance reimbursement support, and accept payment from HSAs. To learn more about psychological assessment and how we can help, please request a no-cost consultation today: 

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluations are used to help diagnose and treat mental health conditions. Psychological Evaluations involve a full review of the client’s personal, occupational, social, educational, legal, medical, and mental health history; a clinical interview and mental status exam to determine current mental health status; and behavioral observations recorded during the evaluation. 


Lucid Clinical Services currently provides Psychological Evaluations for the following purposes:

  • Psychological Evaluation for general use purposes

  • Diagnosis of Mental Health disorders

  • Understanding symptoms of ADHD, OCD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder 

  • Mental status determination

  • Eligibility for diversion to Mental Health Court 

  • Military Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation

  • Risk and resiliency evaluation

  • Pre-surgical Bariatric Surgery Readiness Testing

  • Pain Treatment Evaluation

Psychological Testing 

Psychological Testing is conducted when a client’s presenting symptoms and concerns require assessment beyond the limits of a Psychological Evaluation (although all Psychological Testing begins with a Psychological Evaluation). The nature of tests used in Psychological Testing depends on what is being investigated, such as complex mental health symptoms, academic difficulties, changes in cognition, the likelihood of behavioral risks, or eligibility for various treatment and community resources. 


Lucid Clinical Services currently provides Psychological Evaluations for the following purposes:

  • Intelligence Testing

  • Achievement Testing

  • ADHD Assessment

  • Autism Spectrum Assessment

  • ​Neuropsychological Disorders/TBI/Concussive Syndrome testing

  • Amenability to Treatment

  • Social Security Disability Eligibility Evaluations

  • Pension & Compensation Evaluations

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations


Areas of cognition that can be specifically assessed:


Visual Spatial Processing

Fluid Reasoning

Crystallized Intelligence (Verbal Ability)

Auditory Processing

Phonological Processing

Short Term Memory

Long Term Storage and Retrieval

Processing Speed 

Quantitative Reasoning

Inductive/Deductive Reasoning

Visual Motor Integration

Executive Functions

Reading, Writing and Math Achievement 

Cognitive processes related to reading, writing and mathematics

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