Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It’s like everything is fine and then out of nowhere I am there. It is happening all over again. I am freaking out, my heart is exploding and I can’t come back down.”

PTSD is a stress response following a traumatic event. It's normal to have upsetting memories, feel on edge, or have trouble sleeping after a traumatic event.


At first, it may be hard to do normal daily activities, like go to work, go to school, or spend time with people you care about. But most people start to feel better after a few weeks or months.


PTSD is considered a disorder of non-recovery. The symptoms that are normal during acute stress do not relent and you can relive a traumatic event over and over in many different ways.

Treatment Approach

We use CBT to help you re-evaluate thinking patterns and assumptions in order to identify unhelpful patterns (often termed “distortions”) in thoughts, such as overgeneralizing bad outcomes, negative thinking that diminishes positive thinking, and always expecting catastrophic outcomes, to more balanced and effective thinking patterns.